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Spring cleaning on the course


We would like to inform you frequently about the maintenance works on the course and give you an insight behind the scenes.
This winter we have made the conscious decision at Golf de Andratx to not overseed the fairways and semi-rough, as we did in previous years. The aim is to replace the susceptible Kikuyu grass over large areas against Bermuda grass, a species that is a far more heat tolerant and also requires dramatically less water in the summer time. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to carry out various maintenance works in the early summer. We will do our best not to disturb your game with these works.
Due to the works that we are carrying out the fairways will appear pale and in some instances brown whilst the warm season grasses are dormant but it will ensure that we are able to achieve our long term goal which is to make the golf course more sustainable. As soon as the temperature rises up to 20°C, the color of the bermuda grass will change and the course will appear in a lush green again.

With all these measures, we want to make our course more attractive for you and improve the playing quality in the future.

Here you have an oversight on the works we are carrying out to improve the course:

Our greenkeepers have cleaned the torrente at hole 4, 13 and on the driving range and have thinned the trees.


The stonework on and around the course continues. Last week we finished the border leading to tee 9.


                                                   We are painting the railing of the bridge between hole 3 and 4.


In order to allow green 2 to get more light we are thinning the trees at hole 2.


We are renewing the curbs on the buggy paths to protect the fairways and plants.

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